KAZTEST in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Language Test in Kazakhstan

National Testing Center (NTC) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan organizes KAZTEST

The KAZTEST started in 2006. This test assesses the Kazakh language knowledge of the nationals of Kazakhstan and international students who wish to study in higher education institution in Kazakhstan. This test assesses the written and spoken knowledge of the language. 


The KAZTEST is taken at the following six levels of knowledge: 
  • Level C1: Advanced
  • Level B2: Upper-intermediate
  • Level B1: Intermediate
  • Level A1: Pre-intermediate
  • Level A1: Elementary
The Kazakh language test levels correspond to the European language proficiency levels. 

KAZTEST Structure 

KAZTEST has 4 parts: reading, listening, writing and lexis-grammar.
  • Total duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Listening: This part comprises of long and brief dialogues and brief monologues. Candidates are required to listen to it and answer questions accordingly. This part tests the understanding ability of the candidates. 
The understanding level of the listened text is assessed on the 4 levels:
  • General understanding
  • Fragmentary/Incomplete understanding
  • Complete understanding
  • Deep critical understanding
No. of tasks: 30 tasks 
Duration: 25 minutes

Reading: This part assesses the candidates’ ability to read and understand the text of varying style and format. The competency level in reading is known by the completion of tasks on the basis of following types of reading:
  • Reading with research elements
  • Skimming reading
  • Fluent reading
  • Scanning reading
No. of tasks: 50 tasks
Duration: 55 minutes

Lexis-grammar: This part evaluates the candidate’s language knowledge and use of grammar, syntax and vocabulary. 

No. of tasks: 70 tasks 
Duration: 60 minutes

Writing: This part includes writing of a summary/synopsis, a creative dictation or an essay on the topic given. The topic varies depending on the level of the test. This part evaluates on the basis of the content of writing, grammatical correctness, usage of language, and degree of independence. 
At advanced level, write an essay; at upper-intermediate and intermediate level-write a summary; and at pre-intermediate and elementary level-write a creative dictation.


 Levels  Acceptable Points
 Elementary  31-64 points
 Pre-intermediate  65-104 points
 Intermediate  105-119 points
 Upper Intermediate  120-134 points
 Advanced 1  135-145 points
 Advanced 2  146-150 points

To know more about the KAZTEST, visit the official website of the National Testing Centre. 
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